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Just perusing around the internet and came across I own the DS9, TOS, and TNG box sets at this point in my collection but I've yet to purchase ENT or VOY sets. I was just looking and the prices on these sets are insanely cheap for all the series. $60.00 for all seasons of TOS? I paid nearly $200.00 for mine! $78.00 for all seven seasons of Voyager? Seriously?

I am assuming there's some sort of catch, whether it's quality or lack of extras, weird episode structure or something, but if anyone's ordered any ST DVD sets from here I would love a review that doesn't appear on the actual website. I mean it sounds great but every review from that site is a 5-star review thanking them for the great discounts and great shipping and fantastic bargains, so it just comes across a little shady.

Any ideas?


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^ I'm not familiar with that particular store, but it sounds just like many many other such stores on the web with ST "deals".

What you will get is a knock off bootleg copy of the DVDs.  They will usually be exact copies of the originals except the data is compressed from dual layer discs to fit on single layer discs.  Also the boxes will not be like the legitimate sets.  Usually just very cheap cardboard with the discs inside paper sleeves.  Also they often have Chinese writing on them as most come from China.

You should be able to watch them okay but you won't ever be able to resell them.

Bottom line:  They are bootlegs, they are watchable, but a really cheap version.

If the price seems too good to be true..etc.  etc.


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I figured, and it's why I've always gone with either buying store bought, or through a used DVD retailer for my box sets previously.  I bought complete TOS and TNG sets in stores, and pieced together DS9 sets.  But since ENT and VOY are my two least favorite series, I just wanted to really complete the collection economically.  

However, these disks sound too compromised for my tastes and I'll just pony up for official ones through the best places I can find them.


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i am in the market also

saw the

fantastic prices
at least prices i can afford

are they boot leg also?

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