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Jedzia Dax Episodes.


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I adore "Rules of Acquisition", it's not an entirely Dax episode, but she nails it (especially the scene with Kira in OPS). I love "Rejoined", it was in the good old fashion of TOS ("Plato's Stepchildren"). "Tears of the Prophets" was a shocker for me. And last but not least "The Way of the Warrior", even though again its not a Dax episode, but the scene with the ridiculous medieval hats was amazing! Generally, I am a huge Dax fan (both Jadzia and Ezri).


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Rejoined is a fantastic episode. Blood Oath was great as well as Looking for Par mach and You are cordially in invited.

But overall, Jadzia added elements to every episode just because of how she complimented the other characters.


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"You Are Coldly Invited" (Season 6) comes to mind... as does "Invasive Procedures" (Season 2)... "Facets" (Season 3)... she had many great 'moments' throughout DS9, however those were some of the best that were centered around her character.


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Quote: ssmukhi @ Dec. 13 2009, 10:39 pm


>So I take it than in the US, showing women kissing on the lips on TV is common. I guess those shows have not reached our side yet. 

I guess then you're on of those people who thinks 'nomal' kissing is allowed on tv but same-sex kissing isn't.

If you lived in the 60's you'd be complaining about Plato's Stephchildren's inter-racial kiss. What are you even watching Star Trek for? It's all about acceptance and tolerance.

If I'm wrong about you then I apologize.

And what do you mean with 'our side'?

On topic:

I usually don't really like the Dax centered episodes, but I do like her as a character. The gossiping around, playing tongo and always joking.

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