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How do u feel about the death of the enterprise D?

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I thought it was a HORRIBLE way for the D to die...I mean really? Could Klingons REALLY do that? I think not.

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Quote: lostshaker @ Dec. 02 2009, 9:24 pm

Personally, Ali88, I enjoy the technobabble, but I do agree with you to an extent on the destruction of the ENT-D. I loved that ship. It was a great blend of earth tones and technology. I don't care for the ENT-E so much. I'd rather the D just have gotten an upgrade between movies to explain design/room expansion, since that's what they were obviously going for (other than the fact that they had wanted to use the saucer crash back at the end of season 6).

Prior to Generations they never went too much into shield modulation. They mentioned it once or twice, even showed a display readout, but never really said that it could be easily changed. It wasn't until VGR came along that shield frequency could be reset at the drop of a hat.

I'm okay with the destruction, I certainly don't take it as an insult, but it was a beautiful ship.

I agree, and--as Commander Zelkar said--it could have been salvaged. Kind of like how the Ferengi salvaged the Stargazer, which Picard had thought was going to be destroyed. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Ferengi or other cultures salvaged the Enterprise-D, so they could back-engineer some of its technology.
If so, this seems to be a common occurrence (at least one that occurred twice) in Captain Picard's long and distinguished career. Although he has had an illustrious career with Starfleet, one wonders if this shows a bit of failure to follow through with all the obligations of a starship commander: abandoning two ships that a potential enemy might be able to salvage and learn Starfleet technology.

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I believe starfleet would have removed all evidence of the crash. Remember, a nearby planet held a pre warp culture. All evidence of an advanced civilization would need to be removed so that planet's inhabitants don't find the wreckage.

I was also layed out in the tech manual, which predated generations, that a saucer crash would total the ship but be survivable. The Arizona went down before her time, these things happen. But yknow, wreckage from the world trade center were used in building a USN warship, I like to think pieces of each enterprise are carried on through their legacies. It would have been cool to see a piece of the D's wreckage in the E's conference lounge.


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Well, it bothered me slightly--but, I'm a fairly new Trekkie (I'm 16) and the first Trek movie I ever saw was Nemesis (I'd watched episodes before), so I was kinda expecting it a little bit.

My only major gripe with this destruction is how badly done it was. I mean, a ship that had been scrapped 20 or 30 years previously (going by the novelisation) and was seriously underpowered, destroying the flagship of Starfleet? Really? Was it really necessary, or plausible?

But I must admit, I did think that the design of the E was pretty cool.


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Is the Sovereign class really that much different from the Galaxy class? I preferred the Galaxy's design--especially its Main Bridge. But, it would have been cool, as Matthias says, for the Riding Club to have had a piece of the Enterprise-D in its memorabilia.

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