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Star Trek: Interview with the Vulcan


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I just watched Star Trek: Of Gods and men and it just gave me an idea for a story for a new fan made movie

It would be a movie telling a story that takes place in the past like a "flashback story". Set in the prime timeline Leonard Nimoy's Spock tells the story of how he and Kirk first met and came to be friends at starfleet academy- which is Harve Bennet's plot idea for Star Trek VI, which never came to be

Called Star Trek: Interview with the Vulcan (based on "Interview with the vampire")

It begins in the year 2293 (set in the prime timeline) on Vulcan, Spock is all alone in a cave. He sitting by a computer console and on the console screen is a news article on the death of James T Kirk on board the enterprise B- Spock has just been informed on Kirk's death

Spock plays Kirk's holographic birthday message to Spock (the same one in the script for Star trek XI)

Some time later, a young vulcan cadet from starfleet academy comes to visit Spock and requests to interview him on his years serving with Kirk on the enterprise but Spock tells the young cadet his own years at starfleet academy and how he first met Kirk and how they came to be friends

It would probably be Star Trek's "Titanic" or Star Trek's "Stand by me" but I think this would have been better than Star Trek: of Gods and Men, which was supposed to be "the 40th anniversary gift to the star trek fans" but I think this story would have been better


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I think you have a good idea, although it wouldn't be as good as Of Gods and Men. OG&M should have been TREK XI, since it is a better movie than TREK XI.


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