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Report this Nov. 26 2009, 10:51 am

Hey, I know a lot of you don't know me--I used to frequent the site, and particularly this board a couple years ago. I'm on and off throughout the years, but I thought I'd drop by to sort of pitch a blog I'm working on. Since I'm a Niner, I posted here.

Star Trek, and sci-fi in general, is meant to give us a lot to think about. I love talking sci-fi with friends, but most of the time we just stay in the technical mode, sharing plots and stories. I wanted to give some commentary on the themes different sci-fi shows explore. So that's what this blog is about.

Here's the link. Hope you enjoy.
Sci-Fi: A Narrative to Live By

I do apologize if this seems like spam. If anyone has a problem, feel free reporting to admin and having this deleted.

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