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Which STXI disc release did you buy?


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You forgot the option of "None, I don't buy crap. I flush it."


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Two-Disc DVD, which will start taunting me from under the Christmas Tree next week...


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I bought a 2 disc dvd set but if I get any extra copies for Christmas I will not mind.

;)  :cool:


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$12.99 single DVD copy from Walmart.


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Bluray and two copies of the one disc


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Even with its limited number of votes, this poll seems to reflect the Hollywood Reporter article which reports that 38% of ST sales were in Blu Ray.


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Quote (LtPondwater9 @ Nov. 23 2009, 6:54 pm)
One single-Disc DVD copy.
That was good enough.

Me, too.


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I bought the 2 Disc DVD


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Two-Disc DVD set for myself.

Regular Edition Blu-Ray for my brother for Christmas.


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I got the 2-disc DVD. I have watched it at least 3 or 4 times. :cool:


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Two blu-rays. One for me, one for dad.

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