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Yays and nays about newest ST movie.


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Speaking as a fan of old, I remember the original series when it was on its last legs on NBC, I admit they were vague memories being a kid, but I do recall vividly seeing "Arena". THe Latest Star Trek Movie was not bad, but it left a sour taste in mouth. I did not like the tampering with the original storyline and will never consider it canon, This Movie will to me all ways be an alternate timeline/ alternate Universe.


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Hi, everyone, this is my first post here on the Boards. I love the discussion, especially the great scientific explanation why Kirk, Olsen, and Sulu didn't go flying off into orbit and burn up upon entry into the atmosphere. are my 2 cents worth of tribble quibble about the movie. I actually really enjoyed it very much ....BUT.... I was totally jarred by the awkward Nokia product placement and opening "young Kirk" car chase scene.

As someone who grew up in Iowa and driven up to 120 mph on back roads, I was knocked right out of belief during the "Young Kirk" car chase scene.

I can tell you gentlemen and ladies from experience that if you are over 55 mph on an Iowa back road and you take your hands off the wheel, which the "Young Kirk" does at least twice (when he waves to his brother, and then when he slaps the wheel), you *will* lose control of the car and careen off the road into a cornfield.

Yup, been there, done that, rolled the car, seen the cornstalks coming in through the passenger side window and thought "oh $#!^". I thought this was by far the weakest part of the movie.

Whereas young Spock was brilliantly cast, I didn't think young Kirk looked enough like Kirk, or seemed confident enough behind the wheel. It takes a lot of strength to control steering at those speeds, and the kid just didn't seem in control of the vehicle.

And yeah, I got the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" reference, I just thought the whole NOKIA product placement was way too overstated.

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I can remember when TNG first aired and I refused to wactch it. I felt there was no way this could replace TOS, boy was I wrong. As for the new movie love it, except for the engineering set.

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Not bad...hate timeline episodes/movies (exception would be The City on the Edge of Forever). Liked the action, didn't care for the new look of the Enterprise...but like any bitter pill you have to swallow, you wash it down with enough Bloodwine or Warnog the taste is hardly noticeable.

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Nay, for dumming it down to simple action.


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1. Character focus: The movie had more heart and genuine warmth than the last 2 movies and the entire Enterprise television series combined. The characters actually had arcs, and significant developments happened to them. To me, Star Trek's greatest strength is the characters and how they interact with each other, and this film got back to that in spades.

2. Fun focus: When Star Trek stopped being "fun," I really started to lose interest. Even when it was TRYING to be fun (Insurrection, certain points of Enterprise, etc.) it just wasn't. This was good fun, and that translates into good entertainment. Star Trek's biggest mistake was taking itself as seriously as some of us take it.

3. Ditch the Technobabble: I was so glad not to hear about inverse taycheon beams routed through the main deflector dish designed to reverse the polarity of a anti-magnetic subspace anomoly which is disrupting the dilithium flow and causing the phase inducers to misalign. The focus was on entertaining...not on nerdgasms.

4. Production values and budget: They finally gave Trek the scope, budget, and attention it deserves.

5. Sense of Adventure: I didn't feel like I was being hit over the head with some weighty, ham-handed message about what humanity should be like. I felt like I was embarking on a fun space adventure with my old friends. THAT's why I watch Star Trek.

6. The Opening 10 minutes: Amongst the best scenes in all of Star Trek history.

7. The Musical Score: Right up there with TMP and TWOK.


1. Production Design: Please...take the Enterprise, the bridge, the engine room, the shuttle craft, the phasers, the communicators, and the tricorders out of my sight. Everything was fairly disappointing in this category.

2. Pacing: I love some action...but good lord! The audience needs to catch their breath and get re-aquainted with the characters every now and then.

3. Silliness: Please take away the baloon-hands and Scotty-in-the-pipes and give us 10 more minutes of character development or elaboration on why certain confusing plot points are happening.

4. Pseudo-Science Bogusness: Some of the "science" was horrible and could have at LEAST benefited from some further explanation.

5. Easily Filled Plotholes: There were some confusing or contradictory elements that could have been fixed or dismissed with ONE line of dialogue. It seems like some of the writing was sloppy in these areas. Again, edit out some of the silliness and use that time to fix minor things so the nitpickers (and the inner nitpicker in ME) doesn't find these things and dwell on them.



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The only thing I really didn't enjoy (besides the the over the top action, it's hard to really get to know the characters if all their doing is attacking everything) is how much emotion Spock showed. I was thinking perhaps they showed that much in an effort to show that he was young and perhaps was not completely in control of his emotions. To make him more human, yet in TOS he replies that he considers himself a Vulcan. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they make of him in the next film. To be Vulcan or not to be Vulcan... that is the question.


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I wish the Enterprise was closer to the Original

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