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Who'd make the best villain for the next movie?


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Quote (TrekFan1701E @ Dec. 15 2009, 3:49 pm)
How about having Pike turn evil and want to go after Kirk for getting the Enterprise?

And then finding out the real reason Pike does so is because he is under the influence of the slug/eel/parasite.


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I like the idea of Empress Sato coming into play. Since the Empire knows about the future Trek technology, they could make an attempt to invade and take over the new Trek Universe.


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My vote goes to DammitJim6200 as the next Star Trek villain. He'll have dozens of clones of himself using different names sperting the same old lines over and over again.
It would be a joy to watch Kirk and complany blow him out of the stars.




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Oh, man, I can see that now.:laugh: DJ goes back in time to the alternate timeline with an evil plan to upset the Federation by unseating Kirk, and replacing him with Jean Luc Picard. Thereby making the Federation a kinder, gentler Federation.


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Quote (subytrek @ Dec. 15 2009, 10:33 pm)
Quote (drellan @ Dec. 15 2009, 12:48 pm)
Quote (drellan @ Dec. 02 2009, 4:39 pm)
New villain. ?The villain should be dark, gritty, incite terror and fear. ?The new villain should shadow something from within our own society. ?We should leave awed at the truth about ourselves.

To add to my previous post - the new villain should emerge victorious in the next film. The victory should leave the federation at the breaking point of near destruction, the dramatic death of Prime Spock, and the closing scene should be the Enterpise adrift in space with life support barely functioning...leaving us wondering what will be in store with the third movie.

Now that would be great! That has never been done in Star Trek before.

You are being sarcastic right?

I think an early encounter with Q would be interesting. Find them (Q's) before they have encountered humans. End with all memory of them being wiped and anything up to and including destruction of Earth in between.

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