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Star Trek Nero


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Well if you read the countdown comic series then you must read Star Trek Nero series. There are currently 3 out of 4 issues out now. Besides Captain Kor having partial ridges as well as some other Klingons this series fits far better into the movie canon then Countdown did.

We get to see Vger in issue three and that was how Nero tracked down when and where Spock would come out of the black hole. There is some serious wow stuff but great stuff in this series. Go get it well worth the read. Far better than Countdown.

If you can't wait or find them in stores pm me. I can e-mail them to you. The 3 issues are 34 total megabytes in size so I can get them to you in 4 e-mails.


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These comics are awesome! I love how they tell more of the story with these great characters. The artwork is extraordinary.

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