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What Don't You Want in the New Movie?


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Quote (HaventGotALife @ Dec. 01 2009, 1:30 pm)
I want to do some exploring--what we're supposed to do.

Actually, it is a misconception that Trek is all about "exploring." I remember engaging in a debate out here a few months ago, and basically going through all 3 seasons of TOS.

Ultimately, even when you give the "benefit of the doubt" to episodes that started off as an exploration mission, but ended up as something else, only about 20% of the episodes fit into that category. It is even moreso with TNG.

Most of the episodes fit into the following categories:

Diplomatic mission / Intergalactic courrier
Distress-call response
Millitary mission

Just wanted to clear that up for ya.


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Yes that is true. The exploring part is only the beginning. If they explore and find nothing then it becomes a boring task. However they are exploring and always finding a new adventure. This new adventure becomes the story of that episode or movie and usually serves a purpose and makes the characters grow and develop.

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