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Background noise on the USS Enterprise?


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Alright, this is my first post on the boards but I've been a Star Trek fan ever since I was little.  TNG is my favorite series out of the bunch and I've always had a question I've wanted to ask.

While in scene's shot within the Enterprise there is a deep rumbling noise in the background.  I guess to simulate the effect of the star ship moving through space.  I always loved that noise and was just wondering if it was ever featured in a sound clip or something without the casts voice's or sound effects?  Like a background sounds cd or something.

Man, if I had that playing on my pc while I tried to go to sleep it would take me no time lol, I just think its nice and calming, and it reminds me of the early 90's when I was a kid watching the show as I fell asleep.


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Much of that rumble came from an air conditioning system.


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Yes, that white noise does help me sleep. I usually sleep with a fan on, just to have the backgound noise.

Oh, and welcome!


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Welcome to the boards Darkstarrdp! :)

I know what you mean- I love that noise too and you can listen to it as long as you like if you have a DVD season of Star Trek: TNG (at least for seasons 1, 3 and 7 which are the seasons I currently own.) Pop in the DVD, pick an episode from the season but when you go into the episode's main screen don't press "play." That background noise continues to play without any sound effects or voice-overs.

I suppose you can always insert the DVD into your computer (if it works on your computer as well) and record the background noise to make your own sound clip- I think there is a way to do that but I'm unsure how. I don't know if there are any sound clips with just the background noise though that you can download online. :)

Anyways- that's the best help I can offer with that! All the best! :)


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Sorry to bump an old topic but I was just searching Google for the same thing for the same reasons. I don't have any of the DVDs. Has anyone found, or does anyone have, an audio loop of this?

As a kid, I fell asleep watching TNG too and find that sound comforting and reassuring.


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I must agree, I love that background sound. Beautiful whoosh.

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Check out the ambient engine noise files at


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Yeah, hearing the noise of that powerful warp core. Always letting you know your on a starship...nice.

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Well, in the show the backround rumble was either the warp engines or the impulse engines (depending on the senerio), so I think that you could get that sound. You could get a model Enterprise, and turn on the impulse, then record and play a million times!

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