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Zeta Fleet - Medium RP Fleet for Mature Players


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Redivivus ex cinis cineris, patronus pacis, capax infiniti.
"Rebuilt from the ashes, protectors of peace, capable of the infinite."

Located in the midst of Federation Space, Zeta Fleet was formed to defend and uphold the principles which founded the United Federation of Planets in 2161. More than two hundred years later, those ideals are being put to the test.

The year is 2409. Conflict has erupted once more between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The Khitomer Accords binding us as allies is no more. With the Klingons pressing their advantage on Federation borders, it is most important for our fleets to do their part.

Are you ready to heed the call and join the Federation in its time of need?

====================================== =^= =======================================

The day that many have waited for has come at long last. The doors to Starbase Zeta are now being re-opened.

It has been a lengthy few months mostly for the fact that the Fleet History needed to be redone. It is complete for the most part. The Fleet History covers the fleet's creation in 2154 until the end of the 2370s following the Dominion War. With that in mind, the Fleet History isn't FULLY complete. I still need to come up with the information from the 2380s, and from what we know of thus far in the 2390s. That will be done in time though.

There are many features to look forward to on our website. We have the aforementioned Fleet History. We also have a picture depiction of all thirteen fleet commanders for Zeta Fleet over the years. There is information regarding Starbase Zeta and Zeta Fleet's area of influence and much more.

On the forums we have several sections. One of our most important ones is the Role-Playing section. We currently have an RP event taking place in the form of short stories. The information in regards to that event can be found in the appropriate forums. We also have character bio formats for both your normal characters and your bridge officers.

Lastly I want to talk about It is a wikipedia for all things Star Trek Online for the community. I have started a Zeta Fleet section there and have a spot for the fleet and my character.

The final thing I want to discuss is about Zeta Fleet on Skype! In an effort to bring the fleet members together I've created a Skype channel for us to all chat in and get to know one another. Please use this! It will make the whole STO experience once we actually do play together much more worthwhile. I do have to say that by doing this I've made several awesome friends from Champions Online.

In the future we will also be creating alt fleets. What does this mean? It means YES we are going to have a Klingon Fleet... and whatever other faction pops up in the future, we'll have a fleet for them too. We want people to be able to experience all aspects of the game.

Should YOU be a part of this fleet?
This is a very good question. To be quite blunt, based on some things that have happened with my Super Group in Champions Online, I am going to be fairly strict in regards to who I allow to join in Zeta Fleet.

There are three factors to take into considering prior to joining up with us.

* Zeta Fleet is primarily about having fun.
* If you do not intend to role-play then you may as well forget about applying. (This is a common problem that has occurred in Champions Online where people who say they've never RPd join up and basically still don't RP.)
* Forum participation is a MUST. This is another problem with these types of things.. people tend to drop off the face of the Earth once the game goes live.

We do expect people to have run-ins with real life. We all do. Real life comes first. It's important to let us know when real life keeps you away from us so that we're not wondering what happened to you.

So, if you think that based on the criteria above that you'd be a good fit for Zeta Fleet, then by all means send us an application and we'll see what we can do to get you settled in on Starbase Zeta.

I'm looking forward to playing this game with everyone and making sure Zeta Fleet serves the Federation proudly.

Check out our site!

Zeta Fleet!


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We are actively recruiting.  Open Beta is just over a week away and we're looking for some awesome Role-Players.

Zeta Fleet

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