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Who started WW3 in the 21st Century on Earth?


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Was it Colonel Green or Khan Noonien Singh? Spock said that the Eugenics Wars was the "last of the so called world wars" in which entire populations were being bombed out of existence. This jives with what happened around 2053, where 600 million died in a nuclear holocaust. I've heard it said that Khan might have started the "Eastern Coalition", one of the factions in the war. Colonel Green was the dictator of America and her allies and he supposedly launched a genocidal war.

Of course, Khan and his supermen followers were supposed to have taken off rom Earth in the Botany Bay in 1996, so there's a continuity issue here. Forgive me for being a little confused, but I'm pretty hazy about the time and circumstances when WW3 supposedly happened.

There was an episode in DS9 where it was revealed that Dr. Bashir was an augment like Khan, being resequenced by his parents since he was mentally disabled. When Bashir's father is before a Judge Advocate General, he sentences him to two years in prison. The JAG said something like "200 years ago we tried to improve the race through DNA re-sequencing, and it gave us the Eugenics wars. This law provides a shield against men like Khan". Wouldn't 200 or so years be closer to stuff that happened in the mid-21st century from then?


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Could the events of the Eugenics wars have lead up to WW3 perhaps....much in the same way that WW1 and the post-war period in Germany lead to Hitler and the Nazis taking over Germany and eventually WW2?

I can't help but wonder exactly why WW3 happened in the first place? I'm presuming that Green launched the nuclear holocaust....why did he commit such an insane act? If we die, you die and all that. Mutually Assured Destruction. It almost lead to another dark ages.


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I think it would be the United States personally. :bugout: :whatthe: :O :laugh: :p


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A preemptive strike? They have never done that before. :sarcastic:


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"The Eugenics Wars" and World War III seemed interchangable in TOS and there was no mid-twenty-first century conflict ever mentioned. Then in the first episode of TNG **BAM** we get a war that was never mentioned before, an "auto da fey" with Q and his minions, and I stood up walked over to my TV and went "click" - this wasn't the Trek I signed up for.  TNG's atrociously hideously insultingly bad first half of their first season almost kept me from enjoying a wonderful show.  I even got to like Q eventually, but what a dumb way to start!

I'm like MG on this one in my own "personal canon" - the Eugenics Wars WERE WWIII and some of the stupid history added by TNG and ENT were actually a computer glitch caused by Windows Vista.

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