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A Klingon Language suite for iPhone apps


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Report this Nov. 10 2009, 6:37 pm

Hi everyone. Here is a link to TechRepublic. It has an article that features the Klingon Language Suite, a collection of three (wej) iPhone applications. If you want to learn the Klingon language, this might be for you.

For a Star Trek geek, the Conversational Klingon app is pretty fun. Michael Dorn (aka Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) provides voiceover narration, which gives the app some authenticity. After all, Worf was a Klingon extraordinaire ¿ well, except for that whole discommendation incident.

The Conversational Klingon app provides an overview of the Klingon language, starting with an introduction to how words in the Klingon language are pronounced. After Michael Dorn¿s introduction is complete, another voice continues the lesson, providing specific instructions on how to manipulate your mouth, tongue, and air flow to make sure you correctly pronounce common word constructs. The narrator points out that simply reading Klingon words as if they were English would be a mistake, as the basic language construction is quite different. Throughout the lesson, the narrator helps you understand some modifiers in the Klingon language that can vastly change the meaning of a word. Take, for example, the word tI which, in Klingon, means vegetation. By simply adding an apostrophe to the word ¿ tI¿ ¿ it now means to repair.

As the narrator pauses between lessons, Michael Dorn¿s voice occasionally comes back in to encourage success and sometimes to introduce the next part of the lesson.

Klingon Language Suite

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