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Who is the best Voyager Character and Why


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when exactly did she and 7 start getting along cause in one eps they barely tolerate each other the next they're fine and back again. so when?


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The Doctor.


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Because, as every navigator (Sulu,Data) HE actually is behind the wheel of a starship....


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While I have a mega-crush on Vorik, (drool, sigh) I would have to vote for Tom Paris. If you remind us of Opie and can still attract a half-klingon, you can't be that bad!

elvira de bord

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Seven Of Nine is my favorite character, a mix of Borg in search of perfection and knowledge and Human starting to feel sensations and emotions. Stat Trek voyager is all the more fascinating when she arrives on board and also thanks to her relationship with Captain.

We are the Borg, any resistance is useless, you are going to be assimilated


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Seven. She's one tough former-Borg. Love the vulnerability and toughness wrapped together.


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The Doctor. He was by far the most well-developed and interesting character.

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."


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Tom Paris. Handsome, Funny, Sweet, nuff said.

"Life forms.... You tiny little life forms..... You precious little life forms... Where are you?" -- Data, [singing and playing the control pannel like a musical instrument]Star Trek Generations


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The EMH nothing that happened was his fault.


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Species 8472.

'Cmon they live in another dimension. Fluidic space sounds awesome.

Besides they can kick Borg butt. Sounds like a good ally too me.


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Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres. From the firt episode they were my favourites. I love how Tom is so funny and B'Elanna is the cheif Engeenier. Thats what I'd want to be if I were aboard a star ship.


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The responsiblity of guiding Voyager through the Delta Quadrant fell squarely on her shoulders. She did everything she could to do this, while adhering to moral standards set by the federation and her conscience. That is the most we can ask anyone to do- and I think she did it wonderfully.

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