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What should Data's final line have been?


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"Resistance is Futile"
*shoots phaser into beam while punching plasma coolant tank*

(BTW Data is my favorite character in all of Trek, I was 10 when I saw Nemesis, I cried a lot coming out of the theater, I kinda still do shed a tear lol)

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"no one loves you" *slaps transporter on picards back* "trololololololololo its finally over" *shoots generator*

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Do you smell that...

So this dyslexic walks into a bra...


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He didn't exactly have much time. They just shouldn't have killed him off, then his last line would have been much more memorable.

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He should have said "Fanbois and fangurls should not be deleriously angry about the death of a fictional character who's actor did not want to play him any longer."



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Data: 'curious'


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"One day, you're in bed with
a knock out gal ... or guy ...
the next you're a compost heap!
Doesn't that bother any of you people?
Because it scares the living crap out of me!"


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Data holds the phaser at his butt
Data: Shouldn't have had that last taco (makes fart noise)
Date fires phaser *explosion*

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Assuming someone hasn't posted this:''Give my regards to old Broadway!!!'''

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So long and thanks for all the fish (Spot wanted me to insert that one)...

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