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TNG Bluray Movie Set.


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Report this Nov. 06 2009, 6:12 pm

Wow... just got it today with my mail.

I have to say that the Bluray mastering is a whole new experience watching those films.
Unlike the TOS films, they did not simply upscale the DVD-master but used the original to create those.
GENERATIONS profits most of it, since the DVD master was never really good, as does INSURRECTION - the DVD version had some major flaws in several scenes.

The specials from the SE DVDs are all there, plus new content, including a 5th disc which has some interesting info, that is probably aimed at new fans... kind of a history lessen when it comes to Enterprises ;)
There are some really nice new CGI renders, featuring the Enterprise-F, Enterprise-J and all the known Enterprises!

You should get this set... experiencing those films in HD is like watching them for the first time.

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