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Why Didn't Starfleet Officers Salute


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Wasn't Starfleet like the Navy?


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It was considered passe by the 23rd century, IIRC. Besides, Starfleet wasn't strictly military.


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While loosely based off the Navy, Starfleet was principally an exploratory body that expanded to take on military duties when needed. This was shown in Enterprise.

The TNG bible states the matter even more clearly:

"Starfleet is not primarily a military organization. Although the duties of the Enterprise may include some military responsibilities, the primary purpose of the Enterprise - as with all Starfleet vessels - is to expand the body of human knowledge.

In practice this means that our armaments and militarism have been de-emphasized over the previous series and very much de-emphasized over the movies. We will not see saluting. We may hear the word 'sir,' but it is extended as the same kind of courtesy used by junior and senior officers on civilian airlines. It is traditional, however, to use ship's ranks on the Bridge, an acknowledgment, of the naval heritage of Starfleet."
Star Trek: TNG Writers/Directors Guide 92/93


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Could be that it dose come from the Navy.
The inside of a ship is small. If you throw your arm up every time an office came by you would beat youself to death on all the low over head pipes beams and such you be in sick bay every day fixing some bang up on arms and elbows.
So on board ship the salute was droped but; on "Land" they do salute ¿:logical:


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Kirk considers it passe I think many other ships require you to salute and stuff.


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A Starfleet salute would have been tacky.


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The Federation salutes via the Vulcan "V" hand gesture.


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as lucifer said starfleet isn't a true military organization

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