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Spock Reflections #4


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Report this Nov. 04 2009, 8:56 pm

I haven't been reading the comic series, Spock:  Reflections, which concluded with #4, but I checked out the last issue.  Basically, the series follows Ambassador's Spock's voyage to earth with some cargo.  In #4, it turns out that the cargo is the body of his friend James T. Kirk, which Spock buries in Iowa.  

Picard meets Spock there and asks why he did it.  Spock says that since Kirk went back for him, it seemed like the right and human thing  to do (I'm paraphrasing).  

Anyway, this looks like a well-written series which I think I will pick up when it's collected in a graphic novel.

I really like the ending.  I hated Picard leaving Kirk under a cairn of rocks on Veridian III.  This series ends with Spock taking Kirk back home, something we didn't see in GEN.  Heck, Kirk didn't even get a funeral.  

Spock Reflections #4

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