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Abrams in need of ideas for new series


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Report this Oct. 27 2009, 5:10 pm

Imo it was you folks on ST.COM that almost saved Enterprise with your ideas.

As I remember when the shows ratings when low and it was about to be cancelled you folks started putting out your ideas that I believe the studios used for the last season of Enterprise.

Well we saw how much everyone loved those episodes and it was a triumph for the fans knowing exactly what they wanted to see.

It seems if we do not once again start telling them exactly what we want things could spiral away again.

Anyway it seem JJ needs ideas.

Time to mobilize the troops folks and get CBS to wake up.

The only thing I would ask that you help me personally push forward is the idea of TV show/MMO tie-ins where the subscriber to the Star Trek Online MMO may now and then participate in open ended story-lines presented in the series and allow the subscriber to help shape future canon (See: Syfy & Trion plan to launch TV Show/MMO and call the idea 'The Holy Grail").

That 'Holy Grail' ideas was for Star Trek and then ran with it.

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