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New Star Trek Series ? YES or NO??


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May be the scfi fans should pay for the new series.And they will do it.


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YES!!!! And good looking actors!!!

Doc Boomstick

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I would be in support of any ST series set in the prime universe. I don't want to see a series set in the reboot universe, especially since there is no way it would actually involve any of the movie cast. Since TOS films were being made while TNG was doing quite well on television, I see no reason why a new show has to have anything to do with the movies. I think Paramount wouldn't be crazy about his idea though since they want there new timeline to be seen as legit.


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I agree. I think that it is time for a new series. I think that we need a series were Nemesis finished. Something that can be like TNG, where we can see the whole Alpha quadrant.

Captain Derk

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In my opinon there is a big scope for a new sereis to go wrong however i would like to see a new sereis.

I Am Captain Patterson Of The Federation Starship U.S.S Winter.


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Yes, I've already written it. Being a fan, I took great time and care, to maintain the history, and integrity, of forty years of Star Trek too. ( Not like those jokers who wrote ST 2009. What a hack job. ) In my series, Spock does save Romulus, and the Federation expands to include worlds from the Delta, and Gamma quadrants. I'm not saying anymore until I can go through proper channels with an agent. Star Trek is a great franchise, and I would like to see its greatness emerge again, as we approach the ST 50th anniversary in 2016.


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I agree! Wouldn't it be something if on the 8th September* in 2016 they aired the pilot episode to a new series. That would be quite sentimental, no?
*(8th September was the date "The Man Trap" aired in 1966, the 6th episode in TOS but the 1st to air).

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