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2011 Still Possible For Trek Movie Sequel


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I find it encouraging yet I don't want to get my hopes up so I will prepare myself for a 2012 release of the sequel.


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The actors say one thing, the director/writers say another.  I'll just take a wait and see approach.

I think it's a big mistake to wait until 2012 to put another movie out.  They need to strike while the iron is hot.  They don't have to put the movie out in the middle of all of the 2011 blockbuster movies if that is their concern.  There are several other months in the year to choose from.  People will go see the movie at other times of the year if they promote the heck out of it.  

Also, even if they push the film back to 2012, it doesn't mean they will work on it any longer than they would if they put the movie out in 2011.  They'll probably film the movie and shelve it for future release (months and months on down the road).  I doubt they will spend the entire time working on it.

On a personal level, I will be rather ticked if I have to wait three years (in total) to see another movie.


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I don't care when it comes out as long as it is a great movie. I can't wait to get the Star Trek DVD next month. That will help me bide my time for the next movie.


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I don't trust Saldana, she's said a few times that Orci and Kurtzman had started on the script, when they haven't even got an idea for the story yet.

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