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Would The Romulan War Have Been


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I have been reading the new Enterprise Romulan War book. I am on Chapter 6. I was thinking if they had continued Enterprise like this I would have wanted Enterprise to go seven seasons. Would have brought in Michael Martin to help with the show?

The only thing I was wondering is how they would have dealt with Trip's death? Would having Trip death dealt with in the relaunch books been a good way to go for Seasons 5 to 7?

Or would what Coto said at the recent Comic Con about bringing back FG and the TCW to interfear with the RW been the way to go for seasons 5 to 7? That way would have been cool.

I wonder which way they would have gone?


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Well, if they were being renewed for seasons 5-7 then they wouldn't have killed Trip and we wouldn't have to deal with all this undercover stuff (which I'm not a big fan of). We could have had great Romulan War stories in future seasons, with many of the story lines in the books, just without Trip being undercover. Loosing TATV (or just ignoring it) is no loss to Stat Trek canon (besides JJ Abrams showed us how easy it is to just throw it all away).


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MM is right. Trip would not have been killed and that storyline from the books would have been dropped.


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Yeah the authors were forced to go that direction due to the idiocy of the Abomination.

Still it is interesting seeing how his absence is affecting some of the crew, especially Archer and TPol.

Still have not gotten my copy yet in the mail

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