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Who's going to read the ST:XI novel series?


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Quote (DaveMack @ Dec. 22 2009, 3:18 am)
^ Don't use those earlier descriptions to guide your opinion of the new books. ?Those are some of the least-informative and uninspired descriptions I've ever read.

For instance, More Beautiful Than Death is about much more than a trade agreement. ?In fact, here's the back-cover copy:

After the U.S.S. Enterprise receives a distress signal from the planet Akiron, an isolationist planet known for its rich dilithium deposits, Captain Kirk is ordered to escort Ambassador Sarek there to set up a trade agreement. But they arrive on the planet to discover that Akiron is under siege by dark-energy creatures?demons, according to a local religious sect.

With his still-fragile command authority in jeopardy, Kirk inadvertently leads his crew into mortal danger, sinking deeper with each passing minute. To complicate matters, Kirk soon finds his own beliefs in a rational universe challenged by a mystic who insists it?s no coincidence that Kirk has come to Akiron, but rather the alien equivalent of a Karmic debt.

Meanwhile, one of Sarek?s young Vulcan aides has a sinister agenda?and its chief objective appears to be the cold-blooded murder of Spock?

That is a hell of a lot better then the Amazon "descriptions" all right...


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I don't like the scenario in the NuTrek universe.

As for Trek book in general, I used to love to read them but the current relaunch books just makes me depressed. The only things which can make me start buying new Trek books are if characters like Kes, Janeway and data are brought back in a for me acceptable way or if we get a new 24th century book series with new characters and no references at all to the ongoing character destruction in the relaunch books.

For now, I'm planning to start looking for old TNG books from the time when the series was still aired.


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Will these new books really read any differently than any of TOS novels?  Did the movie change anything (except the death of Vulcan).  

When Kirk orders Sulu to take the Enterprise into orbit around Delta Mega 7.3  will we really be thinking (and Chris Pine orders John Cho to take the Apple Store...)

I plan on buying the books and besides the KIRK on the cover looking like Chris Pine, I dont expect the stories to be much different.


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The previews of ST XI novels' covers and blurbs (of which two can be considered final) are now available in this Gallery Books (a subdivision of Simon & Schuster) summer 2010 catalogue

Check out this TrekBBS thread if you don't want to search the catalogue.

I know that one shouldn't judge books by their covers, but these look promising...


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I know the covers aren't final, but I was hoping that the logo from the new movie would be used (the one that appeared on screen after the Kelvin prolougue).

The blurbs aren't final either, but I still wonder how Starfleet Command and the "Enemies of the Federation" know about Original Spock. I repeat my post from Nov 28th:

I must admit to being wary of Spock's return. The mini-blurb says "When the elder Spock resurfaces from the future", but I'd have assumed he'd have kept his head down, and let this reality continue on it's own course, and not interfere. These "enemies of the Federation" seem to know about elder Spock. How? I doubt Nimoy-Spock would go around broadcasting where he came from, and I assume Quinto-Spock would've kept their meeting at the end of the movie to himself.

Maybe it'll be explained in the book.


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Hated the film, a big insult to Star Trek, don't care about the novels in this time line.


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Has anyone heard any comments from the authors? I haven't seen Dave Mack here in a while...


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^ I've already commented about this on my blog:

...and on my LiveJournal:


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^ Yeah, I checked just after I posted that! Rotten news. I really feel terrible for you and your fellow authors, slaving away for the past few months to get these ready, only to have them "postponed". Hopefully, one day they'll see the light of day.


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I'm still wiating for Precipice and MU: The Sorrows of Empire to arrive here. :(

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