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"Le Wrath di Khan" The Opera!


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Quote (ssmukhi @ Oct. 25 2009, 2:33 pm)
Quote (Nyackjohn @ Oct. 23 2009, 12:14 pm)
I was falling all over myself watching this... of course, being the major Trek fan I am combined with my other half being an Opera singer... oddly, it works for me!

Enjoy and LAUGH!

"Le Wrath di Khan" The Opera

It's hilarious!!!!

I assume that's real Italian they're singing.

Could be...


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Just letting you all know, I showed this to my daughters this weekend and they LOVED it so much that they play it again and again! I think they plan to memorize it. :cool:


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:laugh: I saw it when it originally aired on Robot Chicken. I love all their Star Trek parodies even when they make fun of the fans.

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