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Favorite Movie Enterprise


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5. nuEnterprise (ST09)
4. Enterprise-B (ST GEN)
3. Enterprise-D (ST GEN)
2. Enterprise-E (ST FC-NEM)
1. Enterprise refit / A (ST TMP- TUC)

Nothing beats the way the the refit Constitution-class Enterprise looked in TMP, before ILM screwed up the paint job. Still, even as the model aged and the paint job was dulled, that design is near perfection.



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Enterprises A and E

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The model that was in STTE was exceptional



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Yes the refitted original as it appeared in ST:TMP. Absolute perfection. Like a beautiful ocean liner about to leave port. The fly-around with Scott and Kirk was as much for our benefit as it was for the admiral's ...

I never much cared for TNG Galaxy class model which lacked balance to me, but the one introduced in First Contact was quite attractive, but perhaps a bit overworked - too much detail - too many bits ...

The ugliest one is tricky. I'd usually say TNG/Generations version, but I didn't like the 'change for changes sake' nonsense in the new film. The original Enterprise was quite decent - they should have left it as it was in TOS (with perhaps just a bit more detail) for ST:XI.

But we all know engineers - they just love to change things!

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