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Best actors - all Star Trek


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Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Sep. 16 2010, 3:13 pm

Alec Newman starred as the new leader of the Augments in ENTERPRISE. He's a very gifted actor!

I agree, he was fabulous in the sci fi channel's Dune adaptation as well.

I also think Colm Meaney is a great actor as is John De Lancie

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In no particular order:

Leonard Nimoy - His portrayal of Spock evolved from the first episode to the last film.  You can actually see him move from stiff and unemotional to an almost casual logic.

Patrick Stewart - He really gave the character dignity...alright, except during "The Naked Now" but we won't count that one.

John deLancie - Honestly, in the hands of a lesser actor, Q would have been a retread of Trelane.  Trelane was neat once, but I wouldn't have wanted to see him every year.

Armin Shimerman - He didn't play Quark comically even when Quark was being comical.  You believed Quark really felt the way he did about the most outlandish things.

Rene Auberjonois - It is sometimes the most alien characters that seem the most human on Star Trek.  Odo was one of the best examples.  He dealt with loneliness, sadness, jealousy...

Kate Mulgrew - As soon as I heard she was playing the captain, I thought, "Of course!".

And obviously there were many wonderful actors and actresses over the years, such as Andrew Robinson and Jeffrey Combs that seemed to relish their roles and it translated well on-screen.



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I say Hoshi and then Caption Kirk best actors

John Woods

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Patrick Stewart,is possible the greatest actor in the entire franchise,but then I might be slightly biased being a fellow Englishman


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Quote: TheDriver @ Oct. 19 2009, 11:08 pm

The only candidates for "bad actor" on DS9 would have to be...

- Chase Masterson
- Terry Farrell

And honestly? I don't think either of them was really all that bad.

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Also, please keep in mind this thread is about "best actors," not "favorite characters."

My favorites on DS9 would probably include Bashir, Sisko, and Martok. But I just can't bring myself to nominate Siddig, Brooks, and Hertzler as some of the show's best actors. (Certainly not above the others I've already listed.)

How can you say that Terry Ferrell and Chase Masterson were bad actors? They played the roles written for them very well.
One of the most versatile female actors, though, was Suzie Plakson. On TNG, she played K'Ehleyr, Dr. Selar, a Q female and, on Enterprise, an Andorian named Tarah.

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the best actors for me are;Leonard Nimoy

Robert Picardo

Connor Trinneer

Patrick Stewart

the worst are; William Shatner

Garrett Wang

Marina Sirtis


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Easy to pick the best actors in ST: DS9 because there were so few of them and they both were Ferengi ... Quark & Rom. The worst were Kira & Dax with the rest just nondescript. Ditto ST: VOY which only had two in the shape of 7 of 9 and The Doctor. I liked the episodes that focus around these two. Ironic that the two least human of the ships compliment actually possessed the best acting skills. Worst without question was Kim who was just like a piece of furniture, and the character they killed off early (because she aged quickly over a brief period) whose name completely escapes me. Chakotay, Paris, Torres etc. - just uninteresting without being completely crap. The character Neelix I could never quite make my mind up about. Sometimes he was quite amusing and served a kind-of Guinan type role, but more often he was just an incidental character.

Worst most annoying actor of the whole lot has to be Colm Meaney ... rather watch paint dry

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Best actors were Shatner; Nimoy; Kelley; Doohan; Stewart; Spiner; Frakes; Goldberg; Shimerman; Picardo; Ryan; Blalock

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1. Patrick Stewart

2. Richardo Montalban

3. Brent Spiner

4. Colm Meaney (obviously more in DS9 than TNG)

5. DeForest Kelly

6. F. Murray Abraham 

7. Avery Brooks

8. Leonard Nimoy

9. Michael Dorn

10. Christopher Plummer



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Andrew Robinson was always great
Patrick Stewart really gave respect to the captain position
Kate Mulgrew was the most bad ass captain ever
Armin Sheramin was amazing to watch
Brent Spiner brought life to a stiff character
Robert Picardo saw the most transformation in his character over the years
Ethan Phillips is the only Trek character to make me cry (remember when he left voyager)


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My best actor list would probably feature Armin Shimmerman as Quark, Brent Spiner as Data, Levar Burton as Geordi, Michael Dorn as Worf, and Jonathan Frakes as Riker.

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."

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