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Jolene Blalock


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Hi dcycle2000, good post, and I agree that Jolene made the character of T'Pol her own, and brought a wonderful presence to the screen with that role.  Welcome and hope to hear more from you soon.


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I'm gonna welcome you dcycle2000, even though I'm also quite new here as well. :)

I have to say, i think Jolene Blalock's career was at the top with Enterprise, and the stuff I've seen she has done since then isn't really that great/impressive. I'm sad to say so because her acting in Ent was of great quality. I also think she is kinda weird in some of the interviews, especially the later ones. Unsympathetic and fake are perhaps harsh words, but it's the feeling I get from watching/reading them. Some the interviews she did early on in ent production, especially in "onset" situations", on the other hand...better.

Not to mention whats going on with her hair/lips.

Hope I'm not offending anyone with this post.


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Apr 26 2010 12:45 PM ET
Exclusive: 'Legend of the Seeker' canceled
by Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick
Categories: Legend of the Seeker, News, Scoop

Hey, fans of Legend of the Seeker: You know that 11th hour stay of execution you were hoping for? Well, you can stop hoping now. I'm hearing from multiple sources that the cult fave has been axed.

The outlook had been bleak since last March, when many of Tribune Station Group's markets dropped the syndicated series, which had been developed from Terry Goodkind's fantasy novels by Hercules/Xena producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. ABC Studios, which produces it, kept shopping it around. But, I'm told, they found no takers. So, after two action-packed seasons, Legend is history.

Any last thoughts/parting words/favorite memories as the series makes its way to that great TV show graveyard in the sky?


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Quote (Yanks @ April 26 2010, 2:54 pm)
Not a big loss for me. I only watched the two episodes with Jolene in them.

And therein lays the rub Yanks, one less place to see Jolene. She was scheduled to return next season, but now ..... no return.

Bummer! Now where am I going to be able to see my favorite hot piece of ... I mean .... my favorite actress ... yeah, that's it ... my favorite actress.


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yea for jolene. much success to her, and all she endeavors to do with her acting.


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I certainly caught the LOS eps with Jolene, which were neat. I had to get accustomed to her playing another character, one dark, and emotional, but nice to see her again. Looks like once more, I fall into the category of a fan of something not so well received in a good many quaters, apparently-not enough, that is, top maintain its continyance. I enjoyed LOS. BTW..I saw a clip of the new CBS drama, ''The Defenders'' and Tabreth McGillis, I think that's her name,  who played Cara the Mord Sith, was in a scene with Jerry O'Connel's char in either the coming pilot, or early ep...

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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Outstanding thread!


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She's a very talented actress... and, Hey Hey Hey, She'd make any sane man's pants feel funny!

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