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Ron Moore on TNG's technobabble


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I've been re-watching TNG lately and of all the technobabble, the only thing that bothers me and sticks out like a sore thumb is the "Level 3 Diagnostic." ? Especially when you're watching a few episodes in a row, they order those things CONSTANTLY! ?I still don't know what one is, but they sometimes order them 3 times an episode!

A level 3 diagnostic is the standard protocol for when there is a problem, regardless of if it's engineering computers or what have you.

I requires a person to double check whats going on. Level 5 is the most basic and Level one is done hands on.

Nice, thanks for that. ¿At least now I'll know what they're ordering every episode. ¿So am I to understand that a Level 5 would be fully automated, then? ¿Like, the computer scans for problems, without human oversight?

Yes that is correct.


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BSG is an insult to our intelligence.

Ahh yes, someone else who takes fiction too seriously. :eyesroll:

I think he, like myself didn't find much to take seriously. That was part of the problem for me.


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Quote (rocketscientist @ Oct. 12 2009, 6:24 pm)

This totally confirms what my opinion has been on the technobabble used in TNG. 1. It's nonsense and 2. It was mostly used to, in Moore's words, "resolve a story or plot line."

TNG's "Tech the Tech" isn't a new revelation; it's been talked about a lot.  It's as classic as TOS difficult and simple explanations.  The new JJ Abrams movie Teched to Tech when the crew needed to close the space/time rift.

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