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Which was the best written VOY episode?


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I don't think the writing was weak, I just think that at times Voyager failed to seal the deal in their story arcs.  For example, two arcs I really enjoyed were the Seska arcs, and the finale End Game.  Both stories ended abruptly, and I blame that on the producers failing to take control of the situations that faced them.  Seska dies, and the kid (who should not have been Cullah's) was taken by Cullah and they all lived happily ever after???  I don't think so.  And End Game should have had a resolution, not just them getting home and that was it.  Wouldn't you have liked to get an idea what everyones life would have been like afterwards.  It only would have taken a few minutes to explain it.  Like for example, would Chakotay have been completely exonerated, or would he have had to take sole responsibility for his actions when he was part of the maquis?  Would 7 of 9 hid the fact that she was a borg and had the doctor completely remove all of her implants?  I don't consider any Voyager book following end game decent because the stories were not well written.

To answer your question, I think "A Blink of an Eye" was the best written Voyager episode, it had all parts that make a perfect story, and the concept that during a few weeks, an entire civilization could grow and develope in front of our very eyes was just amazing in my opinion, any one else think so?


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before and after was written very well. scorpian was great also


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I think the writing for VOY was actually very good despite the fact that some characters in later seasons seemed to be overlooked. I think the best written were Blink of An Eye, Scorpion, Equinox, Timeless, Counterpoint, and Year of Hell.


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Year of hell

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i think voyager had some of the best writing. theres so many wonderfully written stories on voyager that i cant decide which is best. id have to say that in
season 1 "Faces" and "Jetrel"
season 2 "Tuvix" was well written
season 3 "before and after" "scorpion pt 1"was well written,
season 4 "scorpion pt 2","the gift" and "year of hell" ,
season 5 "Bride of Chaotica"
season 6 "Fury", "Blink of an eye"
and season 7 "WorkForce" , "Repentance" and "Critical Care"
if i had to pick one it would be "Scorpion"


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I believe a number of fans were suffering from ST burnout by the time Voyager ended.  For the longest time, we had two Trek series running at the same time.  DS9 got three months on its own, tops before Voyager essentially replaced TNG. 

For that reason, running the superior DS9 along with Voyager led to some unfavorable comparisons - at least in some fans' opinions.  Upon rewatching Voyager on its own this summer, I found it much better than I had remembered it being when watched after the latest DS9 episodes and without the previews that emphasized Seven of Nine's bodysuit.

The strongest episodes, imo, are "Jetrel", "Death Wish", "Flashback", "Worst Case Scenario", "Scorpion I & II", "Nemesis", "Year of Hell I & II", "Timeless", "Thirty Days", "Counterpoint", "Bride of Chaotica!", "Dark Frontier", "Equinox I & II", "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy", "Pathfinder", "Body and Soul", "Shattered"




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I havn't seen the last few seasons, but I enjoyed "Deadlock" quite alot.


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A variation to my last post.

"Remember" had a significant message


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i like Death Wish. but if only Q would have allowed riker to atleast inform Starfleet that Voyager was not lost, that might have been a good story line for ST: DS9. to investigate it. would have been a good crossover episode!

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