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Returning To The Delta Quadrant


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Hmm..I'm kind of torn on this one.  Part of me would say yes because there are lots of races/storylines you can do there that you can't do in the Alpha Quadrant, but part of me likes the familiarity of the AQ.

If pressed, I think I'd rather have a new AQ show, but just something really new, like how Ds9 was so different from TNG.


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Ok, I think there could be some confussion over the question. The new ship would just vist the Delta quadrant for a short time, maybe one season, but would also concentrate on the other parts of our galaxy and maybe even beyond. The main focus would be the Alpha quadrant.


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It's going to be a great idea if ST would go back to the Delta Quadrant. A mixing of highly sophisticated technologies and cross-quadrant species would be a very good idea. It seems too bad to dump the transphasic torpedo and armor tech ^_^.



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VOY was awesome. The Delta Quadrant is awesome. What about a series in the future, when they actually have the speed where they can make the journey from the Alpha/Beta quadrants to the Delta/Gamma quadrants.


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if i could explore any quadrant it would be the delta quadrant. i saw more interesting species there than anywhere else

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