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Does anyone else fell uncomfortable...


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I think that one reason I prefer the shows like Enterprise and TOS versus TNG is the fact that the universe is rough and unclean. ?Captains like Archer and Kirk had to make rules up as they went along and sometimes things did not work out as they planned.

This element I think gave the shows a sense of adventure and true exploration that was kind of missing in TNG. ?Plus the crews were a bit more volatile and rough edged, which makes them a more interesting by my view point.

"You git over here and apologize for dissing TNG or I'm going to knock you on your ass!" :laugh:

I liked TNG for what it was, but I personally preferred the grittier ENT for the same reasons you give. PC became a little too suffocating after awhile. I just couldn't get used to carpeting in the work area of a starship. Watching so you don't knock your head in the ready room keeps our Captain on his toes, so to speak.

Hey now I thought all you TNG fans were flower sniffing pacifist, you cannot threaten to kick my ass, Shame on you.
:laugh: ?:laugh:

Well...I think I CAN kick your ass, I just choose not to. I'm only part pacifist! :laugh: :O

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Just seeing if I can post...

So far. so good Yanks. Welcome aboard, Fleet Admiral.


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I did not feel uncomfortable with Damage, rather I had a resolute aspect to any 'feelings' I had. Archer had to do whatever it took to save humanity, and at the detriment of his own soul, he took what he needed to complete his mission. That was one of the most subtly acted points in Bakula's excellent portrayal of Archer....and those of us who do not need to be slammed over the head to get the true message of Enterprise in its best moments truly appreciate such depth of craft in the acting we have for our Enterprise cast. Kudos. I want more.


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I guess the point of the ep was to get the audience indeed, TO think, as Trek has done well before, about such an issue. And America WAS dealing with such issues, in those years just after 9/11. It IS a tv show, and we ENT fans would probably want in many cases to give Archer a leeway as much as possible in making the decision he did...something that haunted him later-proving if need be any, that he had not 'lost his humanity' in the process of making those extremely hard decisions while in the Expanse-all of which, knowing Jon, he was willing to owe up to after it was over..if with a very heavy heart. But, in the real world, we have Abu Grabe..and the very crucial question facing Americans, in the wake of the information brought to light. Look at ''24'', and the actions that, yes, here, another fictional charcter, Jack Bauer, took, willing to go to whatever lengths to do what he saw was preventing a disaster. I think again, the influence of affection for a tv hero might make one think one way, while, if this were a real American get the point.It's not a pretty issue to look at, for in so doing, we will end up asking ourselves some tough questions....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''

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