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How should James T Kirk have died?


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Could Generations have been better? Yes. But Kirk died a hero, saving millions of lives, and making a difference. In the end that is all that matters. I don't care how or where he's buried. If his spirit's gone then the body is material. Some have a more subjective view of this and I respect such beliefs, but Kirk was not about fame and the spotlight. All he wanted was a ship and a star to steer her by - that's why he's the CAPTAIN.


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Quote (rocketscientist @ Oct. 02 2009, 3:48 pm)
Quote (Edgeways @ Oct. 02 2009, 4:40 pm)
You really can't let go, can you Ali88? ?This is the second or third of this type of topic you've posted. ?Kirk is dead, and he died and was buried in a way that you didn't like. ?I didn't like Nemisis either, but I'm not going to argue Data should have died differently. ?Its a movie. ?None of them are perfect, of make everybody happy. ?There were reasons for the film being made the way it was. ?

You're right. ¿GEN was the first TNG movie but someone at Paramount, or Berman, wanted to have Kirk and other ST members pass the torch to the TNG characters. ¿

Why Kirk had to die is another question. ¿Moore apparently came up with the idea. ¿I never had a problem with the idea of Kirk dying at all. ¿I just wish it had been done in a better way in a better film. ¿Even the writers, Ron Moore and Brannon Braga have admitted that they totally screwed up Kirk's death. ¿


Could you imagine Kirk's funeral without Spock? ¿Because that's what would have happened, if a funeral were in the picture. ¿

That's a very good point. ¿Spock wouldn't be there and you wouldn't have that dramatic punch.


Rememeber, this was a TNG movie--NOT a TOS movie. ¿They were attempting to look forward, not backwards. ¿

True, it was the first TNG movie. ¿However, GEN also acted as something of a coda or epilogue to Kirk's story in the films. ¿It has his death. ¿His presence is extremely significant to the film and his death really was the centerpiece of the whole movie, as Ron Moore noted. ¿I regard GEN as both a TOS and TNG film, as I believe other fans do as well as wikipedia (for what that's worth). ¿


Accept it. ¿Kirk died in an imperfect way. ¿Tragic, yes. ¿Worth rewriting, no.

I agree. ¿What's done is done. ¿As much as GEN sucked, leave Kirk Prime dead. ¿And, heck, I honestly think Kirk's death could've been worse. ¿I mean, it's Rick Berman we're talking about! ¿Look at INS and NEM!

Totally.  It seems amazing (now) that they were able to make one good movie (ie: FC).


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I think it would be kind of poetic if he died in Spock's arms--each of them having been with the other during their death.


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If the idea of Kirk dying was a good one, then why did Shatner write/continue to write about Kirk and his return and life in the 24th, and probably 25th century? Didn't he think think the idea was bad from square one?


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The way History thought he died (Saving the Enterprise B from energy ribbon)


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he died well saving picard ass


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alone, but not old.


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Kirk should have died smokin' a fatty on a beach on Riza, surrounded by beautiful bronzed skinned women.

Can I get an Amen?


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In a blaze of glory, while the Enterprise blows up saving Earth, the Federation, and the Galaxy! A real hero's death. :logical:


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Quote (Cange @ Oct. 16 2009, 12:13 am)
he died well saving picard ass

well said. Just proving Kirk's superiority. :)


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he should have died from jamaharon, just like curzon.


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Taking a fleet of ships into the teeth of a combined Dominion Borg battle fleet and leading them to victory by suicide run into the enemy flagship (similar to his father's death in XI)


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Which death?

lol.  I guess the Enterprise-D death.  It was fine how it was.

But the man has the lives of a cat.

Someone dug up his body and decided HE should live again.

anyway.  I aint voting.


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