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Why Did Paramount Loose Faith In


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Quote: 2takesfrakes @ Aug. 01 2010, 6:46 am

nrapo: I think it's cool you're Russian. You bring a different perspective to these topics and these boards that's very refreshing. I don't particularly care for propaganda in my entertainment, unless it's a war movie. They say, "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel," do they not? But it could only add to the believability of these rediculous events sold in movies, if they represented other cultures more accurately. And I hope that NASA gets itself together, also. As a government program though, it's expected to provide a return on investment to the American people. A bit more perhaps, than pretty pictures and bags of rocks. In fact, most don't pay much attention to NASA, unless a tragic explosion happens.

I spent half of my life in Russia and half in the USA. It is helpful having both perspectives. I am happy to share.

I don't think people make movies oriented towards their own culture out of propaganda intent; at least not most of the time - some are propaganda (like Avatar) but what are you going to do... I have a BA in English; they always taught us to write what we know, drawing on our own experience. That is what these people do as well - they create what they know.

As for NASA, I have some friends working there. The pretty pictures and the rocks is what's obvious to the public. Most of NASA stuff is research and analysis and you won't know what they do, unless you see "made of materials developed by NASA" on your mattress or shoe soles.

We use their inventions all the time. They have 6,300 patents. Thanks to them we have long distance communications, scratch resistant lenses, memory foam, cordless tools, safety grooving on tarmac and highways, water filters, many advances in medical and materials technologies. Here is a link to some info: NASA is a scientific and invention Grand Central for the private contractors as well. It is over-sized and sluggish, perhaps in need of restructuring and better management, but it is useful.

Peace through superior firepower....

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