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If Tasha Yar Lived...


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Quote (Lucifer_ @ Oct. 13 2009, 1:46 am)
As insignificant as Yar's character was, her death was just AWFUL. She went out the way some no-name red shirted ensign dies, not the way a main cast members of a TV series should die. It was so anticlimactic and horrible.

If she lived, I think they could have delved deeper into her background. I don't think we would have gotten the episode where they show Tasha's sister and honestly I don't think they would have made Tasha and Data an item...she even went so far as to say to him:

Data! I'm only going to tell you this just once... It never happened.

I think Worf would have remained window dressing and would have been phased out. Seriously, Tasha was keepin' the Klingon down.

In short, I think the show would have been less interesting.

If Worf had remained window dressing that would have been a mistake as he became one of the most popular characters in all of Star Trek. TNG already had enough human characters. It needed to explore an alien one. Worf was the perfect one for that.


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Quote (TashaYar86 @ Oct. 15 2009, 2:43 am)
Quote (vadic @ Oct. 14 2009, 9:50 am)
The show's lesbian and androgenous demographic would've definitely gone up! Had she stayed.

That is illogical. Please specify.

Indeed. That is illogical.


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Great comments and opinions everyone! :)


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Quote (lostshaker @ Oct. 02 2009, 11:28 pm)
Besides, one of the complaints about TOS is that only red shirts die. We finally have a yellow suit die

Well when you think about it, the yellow shirts in TNG are the same as the red shirts in TOS.

TOS red shirts = Security and engineering.

TNG yellow shirts = Security and engineering.


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but I think the show got better after they wrote Tasha out.

I do too but are you saying you think it is because of Denise/Tasha leaving?

I think the show simply got better because the actors got more into their roles. They believed it more so it happened to make us believe it more.

Just listen alone to the voice quality of the non-experienced actors in the first two years. Both the Dr and Marina have higher pitched femine voices. Later they take more command of their characters. I think Tasha did the same thing, too a lesser extent, as well.

The first two years they just sort of pranced about like typical women, not a starfleet officer. As much enthusiasm as I had for the show it was hard to take and by year three I had had it and finally later it started really coming into its own.

Lately they've been playing it here at 11pm which is perfect and a fun time to rewatch a lot of those old episodes. Tasha really shone as an actress in the episode where she was abducted by the tribe of black people withthe MC hammer pants. Remember she ended up fighting that other woman with the claw hand? I think it was one of her better performances. Memorable, if nothing else.

Nanoo Nanoo Shazbot.... oh, wrong series? So sorry...


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Her character was bland. She was OK at karate, but I see better from Worf. She had a hard-to-love personality, you barely knew anything about her. She was just... Tasha, I guess. The most emotion I EVER saw out of her was when she was affected by the psi 2000 virus and was practically drunk. Worf is 10 times better in every way. The only crew member I ever thought she could be good friends and open up to was Guinan. Unfortunately, the only contact Guinan ever had with Tasha was in the alternate timeline of "Yesterday's Enterprise".

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