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Quote (Middleman @ Dec. 11 2009, 10:54 pm)
Quote (Dbear1 @ Dec. 11 2009, 9:45 pm)
I admit it might be tough seeing her as a bad girl, but still nice to see her with a reoccurring role. ?BTW I will say that LotS is actually pretty good for a sword and sorcery type show.

I saw LotS for the first time on a plane this week heading out to San Diego. It was OK if you like the fantasy stuff. I hope our girl does well with the series. I checked its ratings out, it does worse than Enterprise did.

Oh I am not saying it is high TV, just that it is well done for a syndicated fantasy show, I actually thought the actors are pretty good and the story lines on the most part flow well together.

As for the ratings, well syndicated shows have a bit more leeway then prime time shows do.  Will it be enough, I have no clue.

I was simply saying I thought it was pretty good, I like it a lot better than Hercules or Xena (which I actually did not get into).


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are the LOS episodes airing with Jolene in them already?  am I missing the boat?

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