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B +

It could have gone alot worse, but they did an overall good job. Its within my top 3 and was an exiting movie to watch. It brought Star Trek into the 21st century and generated a new, younger fanbase. Theres no need to hate it entirely--the movie accomplished its goal and was enjoying to watch. There would only be a few things I would change.

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solid A-

Good plot, great characters, very exciting and action packed with an emotional depth that surprises you.

Made me excited about the franchise again. And it made beucoup bucks so if life is fair there will be several more. 

The only thing that kept the A- from being A is Engineering on the Enterprise. Hated it. 

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XI was a good try, but I felt it could have been better. I did like that they tried to use humor in the film, but I think there was too much of it. I happen to prefer films where I don't laugh constantly through the whole movie.

I also appreciate that they tried to make it appeal to a wider audience. The changes that they made made even non-fans watch the movie, and I suppose you've got to give them credit for that.

The sets were okay, but I was pretty iffy with the Engineering room and the bridge. Engineering wasn't really all that recognizable as Engineering. The first thing I though when I saw it wasn't "Oh, that's Engineering" it was "What are they doing in a Beer brewery?" The bridge itself appeared far too white. The brightness of the sets, coupled with the overuse of lense flares was almost painful to watch. It did make the movie look more visually appealing, but it's hard for me to watch the entire movie in one stretch.

The new actor's interpretations of the characters was okay. I think they did a decent job on finding actors that fit the characters. The best choice was Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy, since he sort of looks like DeForest Kelley.

I wasn't happy about the destruction of Vulcan, Romulus, the change in appearance for the Enterprise, and the change of Romulan appearance, but I realize that they had to come up with a story somehow. JJ Abrams Trek takes place in a new universe, so I'll take comfort in the old if I want to see Vulcan again.

So overall, it wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't my favorite either. It was pretty good for a reboot, and I have to give them a fair amout of credit for trying. I think it will be interesting to see how the 2012 movie turns out.

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Actors were great. Action was good. Not to happy about Vulcan, but it is what it is. Plot was the weakest link. I also think editing out key parts like why Kirk was a misfit (more than just his father dying) and Spock's early childhood (his birth, his parents arguing over his humaness) was a bad idea. Even the scenes on Rura Penthe with Nero and his crew would have given more depth to the character.

IMO, too many directors (think Michael Bay in Transformers 2) focus on action to the detriment of the story. It REALLY is possible to have a GREAT story and GREAT action. These directors need to stop relying on CGI to make up for mediocre stories.

Loved the Spock/Uhura twist (except for the turbolift scene, stupid and over the top), but hope they keep it in the background (minor plot) and it "naturally" progresses or ends. Hope they don't try and Twilight things, or go off on some ridiculous tangent.

Can't wait to see the Kirk/Spock/McCoy interactions! Would love to see NEW aliens or enemies and not just a redo of old movies and episodes. I may be alone in this desire.


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