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They were not in a relationship before boarding the Enterprise.

Did not see the film ?

She used there relationship to get posted on the Enterprise.

No she didn't. Why are you such a moron?

It was because of her relationship with Spock that she DIDN'T GET THE ENTERPRISE ASSIGNMENT.

It was her competence that got her on the Enterprise. Grow up.

She coerced her way on to the Enterprise.


No she stood up for her rights. Sorry that seems slutty for you.

When women expect payment for services rendered I just see it that way.


Payment for services rendered? LoL desperate much. With a statement like that you have a lot of nerve using your logical emote.

Fact of the matter is, she was qualified for the position. That's what got her the Enterprise assignment. If Spock was playing favorites because of her relationship as you state, why did he not just give it to her?

It was his intention to hide the relationship.

When he found out he would be exposed by not giving her what she wanted he gave in,


So you're saying her qualifications had nothing to do with it? ?SURRREEE

She may have been good in bed but it was not shown.

He knows all about women, obviously, he's had his pic taken with Majel.

:laugh: :laugh:


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TF is latent with STDs

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