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The Borg for Star Trek XII?


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In pratice instead Vuclan was destory Red matter open other possible how timeline more change. So put borg in not having effect cannon what so ever.


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The Borg for the next Star trek movie, I believe that even in that time line Star Fleet would not stand a chance against the Borg. Besides the Borg have already tried in STNG and Voyager and finally met there match against species 8472 and the futuristic weponary that Voyager obtained from the future Captain Janeway in the last episode.

A storyline that may be of some interest would be a more in depth movie of the mirrored universe. It also could involve time travel to the times of DS9. DS9 covered a few episodes in which Kirk was talked about, and also DS9 crew members also time travelled back to Kirks time crossing over with Trouble with Tribbles.


The Jayson

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No, spurlicos is right Jason222... The story established by Enterprise is still part of the history of the alternate timeline because the changes took place well after the NX-01 missions. Besides that, the episode from Enterprise means that a crew from the past that wasn't naturally supposed to run into them did... so that story has been done already. I'm kind of hoping for something new. If they polluted the timeline, they should make full use of it and do things that have never been done before, not just put other stories out of context.


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They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them. ~~ Lt. Reed


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Again Borg pick blackhole in solar systems might will heading over try who migth will interest assimalating. So reason having first contact UFP and Klingon Empire might differnt reason main timeline.

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