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When did you first really hate Wynn.

The Ringo Kid

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When she opened her mouth!

She is a good character, but nothing more pisses me off than seeing her walk on screen. lol


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When she was first introduced. My only thought was, after the school-bombing, "is there no END to the EVIL in this woman?!!". The actress herself is very talented. She doesn't need dramatic lighting, music or props to help sell her as a villian, she simply projects it. And it was so true to life how, for most of the show, Wynn mostly got away with what she wanted and had strong support, in spite - or because - of being a nasty person. A credible character.


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Funny thing is, there are times when her view is actually QUITE sympathetic. Like in "The Reckoning" when she and Shakaar both agree that Sisko's appropriation of that stone tablet was wrong. Seriously I think she and Shakaar absolutely correct at that point, but Sisko's reaction is to condescend and totally dismiss their point of view. The other time is when she stands up to Weyoun in "In the Cards" ~ Great moment for Winn there. Just a smile and a complete denial of everything Weyoun said. That's the thing about Kai Winn. She'll cut you down and she'll do it with a smile.

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Louise Fletcher. The character wouldn't have worked without her. The character was made to be hated from the first episode she was seen in. It worked. By the end of DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets" I hated Winn. Fletcher is an extremely talented actress.

Matthias Russell

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Well it worked. I cringe every time she speaks, I wonder what selfish game is she playing now? Even when she was on sisko's side, I knew it wasn't for real. Great, complicated villain and cheered when she died. I wish we could have seen a follow-up with her predecessor.


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I hated her from the 1st episode she was in. Her and Roslin from BSG are the 2 most evil women in sci-fi


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I was dubious about Kai Winn from the start. She never seemed like a trustworthy character. Ultimately, I felt sorry for her because she became such a pathetic individual in her pursuits.

I think that is a credit to Louise Fletcher though, who portrayed the character very well.

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Winn really pisses everyone off, I think. Anyone who's seen her first appearence, DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets", will hate her from the start. This character was made to be hated. As I said before, we hate her thanks to Louis Fletcher's wonderful acting.


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I don't remember when she first started to annoy me... But I sure didn't like what she did and she didn't seem very smart which only made it worse.


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I never liked her, and I always thought she was really annoying, even when she was trying to be nice. I didn't really *hate* her until she got involved with Dukat and the Pah'wraiths (which, it seems, is later than most people)—before then I just strongly disliked her.

Matthias Russell

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I just watched ' Reckoning' over the weekend. It showed how jealous and selfish the Kai was. She expelled a pah raith out of jake as a prophet was killing the 2. The kai told kira she did it to save the son of the emissary but kira called her out, telling her she did it out of pride and pushed the reckoning until later. It made me proud of kira.


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I disliked her from the beginning because I hated that they were introducing the tired cliche of the hypocritical religious zealot.  How original is that.


But I have to admit that Louise Fletcher did a great job with a role that had many nuances to it.  Further, I appreciated that DS9 showed us people with genuine religious faith.

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