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Who would you want to host a Star Trek Marathon


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My fav character in all of Trek is Worf - so I'd love Micheal Dorn to host it!


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I guess it wouldn't matter to me who hosted since I like em all. Each have their unique ways of humor and style to add to, say a marathon. And hay their pretty fun and funny in my dreams too. LOL ;) :D

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Leonard Nimoy

His involvement in Trek spans TOS, the TOS films, TNG, and the latest version of Star Trek. He has acted, written, directed and produced in the Trek films. He is responsible for creating the most recognizable character the franchise has to offer...perhaps one of the most recognizable characters in TV history.

I think it's Nimoy hands-down. He has so much perspective on the franchise.



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I would want the whole cast, each one gets to do one episode at least.

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