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What makes DS9 the superior series?


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We all know the storytelling was superior, but lets not forget the FX were far superior to anything Trek has done before or since. How great were the space battles!?


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I like DS9 but don't think its superior. The only thing that makes DS9 so appealing is a lot of characters. So the series deals with their ups and downs their love stories etc... When you look at it its like any other tv series, the only difference is that its set in space.

If it wasen't for Dominion war it would be Grey's anathomy in space!

I keed

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Quote: WelcomeToQuarks @ Sep. 01 2010, 10:25 am

How great were the space battles!?

with one problem in my mind. Why so many mirandas and excelsiors? I would expect to see more ambassadors, new orleans, etc. It would have been like using the merrimac in ww2. Just glad I saw no oberths during the war!


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For me it was the political aspect, the how do we get around this situation without getting caught, like what garack did damaging the holo program by blowing up the ship, a true Cardasian at his best.


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i say,what make this series superior- this dramatic story about war federation planet vs dominion and cardassion. Too in "DS9" have "live" personage, some: Sisco and Jadzia Dax.More i think, what this series stand best, because in all episodes has been excellent special effects. If you watch end episode "What you live behind", in this episode have many beautiful effects, some destroy dominion and breen ships. Dramatic moments in series too have: dead Jadzia or attack dominion ships on Earth.

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