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Archer's Top Trumps Card


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Report this Sep. 14 2009, 5:13 pm

So Top Trumps finally released a special Star Trek set, which features characters from all five TV shows. I don't even know how to play the game, but it's just something I collect (I've collected all the Doctor Who sets, plus the special Indiana Jones set), so I regard this as good news. ¿:cool:

But..... There are only three cards representing Enterprise, out of thirty. Archer, T'Pol and Trip. Anyway, I liked the little bio on Archer's card, so i'd thought I'd put it up for all you Archer fans.

The greatest explorer of the 22nd Century, Jonathan Archer captains the Enterprise for ten years, and later becomes President of the United Federation of Planets. Like Kirk, his chief science officer is a Vulcan, of whom he is initially didtrustful. But they become close and Archer gains a a better understanding of the Vulcans then any other human.

Hope you like it!

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