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SyFy has screwed us


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Warehouse 13 is awesome!!!  Been approved for a 2nd season.


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Was this the first week TNG got bumped on SyFy? B/C I missed a couple of weeks, and I thought I got my days mixed up.  Is there anything other than showing at 1 a.m. anywhere?  :(


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Quote (DarthRage @ Sep. 14 2009, 10:23 am)
No more TNG on Monday nights. It seems they have decided to show The Ghost Whisperer instead. I wonder why?

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Why did SyFy drop the cool Saturn bug and replace it with SyFy? What the heck does that mean anyway?

I have all of TNG and DS9 on DVD. I got them at Walmart.


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Got all my series from Amazon myself, having TOS upgraded to Blu-ray, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT on DVD, all the movies on Blu-ray, and I'm golden.  All in all, it's better quality watching DVDs and Blu-rays over cable anyway for ST.  Not only do you have it that you won't have any stupid commercial interruptions, but the quality of DVD and Blu-ray are far better to the broadcast quality over cable, anyway, crispier picture and sound quality, and able to watch more detail.


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I've been very upset with the Scy Fy channel overall.  When exactly did it become the "horror" of "ghost" channel.  ""Ghost Hunters/TAPS," "Ghost Whisperer" or made for TV movies with no budget, the special FX look like they are made by a high school video club and D-list celebs like Luke Perry seem to always be the "stars."  Seriously, give us all the Trek incarnates back.  It's SCY FY!  Try putting some actual (quality) since fiction on the channel.  Heck, I'd settle for the old 6 million dollar man episodes.


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Get some DVD's of all the series. I would never watch Star Trek on Youtube!

Guilty as charged: fan fic writer. Go to Ad Astra and search for the author Ln X or the series DS9: a continuation. My fan fic stories are on that site.


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Star Trek The Next Generation is on the BBC

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WGN has Next Gen on at 1 AM eastern weekdays.  I set the DVR and watch at my leisure.

Where's Deep Space Nine on?  I can't find it anywhere.  It used to be on Spike in the afternoons, but not anymore.  Who's got the rights for DS9?

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Virgin One (soon to be channel one) shows 3 hours of Star Trek everyday including weekends.  UK only, currently we are getting Enterprise, Voyager and DS9.


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Science Fiction is just not what it used to be!!!

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Hm according to what everyone saying, every television network has different channels to premier star trek... my network century link premiers star trek: the next generation on WGNAMER and BBCA... i never pay attention to SyFy because its bogus.. Meaning nothing interest me on it. As of TNG, i fear it is not in my cerebellum nor cerebrum if i must.

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