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What Would Happen If Their Never Was


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My daughter would NEVER have been born

I wouldn't have met my soon to be ex, and as a result, wouldn't have had Shannon


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Yes, my children would not have been born either. I met their father at a Star Trek Marathon in 1977.

If we didn't have Star Trek, the Galaxy Quest would have been an adorable alternative (not the same, but so much fun anyways)

Galaxy Quest is one of my favourite Star Trek Movies. :laugh:


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Quote (TrekFan1701E @ Sep. 13 2009, 12:08 pm)

I am still a Trek Fan but what if NBC passed on Star Trek? I guess we would still have Star Wars but would their be any other Scifi shows? Would their still be Battlestar Galactica and Stargate?

No, there would have been no Star Wars or any of the others we are currently  familiar with since Star Trek establish the modern era of Sci-Fi on TV.  You must remember it was Star Trek that made the studios realise how big a market there was/is for sci-fi(mind you they didnt find out until TREK was in reruns though.


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Quote (Lucifer_ @ Sep. 20 2009, 7:48 pm)
Unless this is cited somewhere, I call BS. In fact, in the documentary "From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga" he cites Flash Gordon and other classic sci-fi, but no mention of Star Trek is made.

George Lucas considers himself a Trekkie and has cited Star Trek as his inspiration for creating the Star Wars franchise. He also finds hypothetical "war" scenarios between the two franchises distasteful.


Pollock, Dale. Skywalking: the Life and Films of George Lucas. ISBN 0306809044

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I can't imagine a world without Star Trek or it's influences. I just can't.


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Looks like I ended this topic mighty quick!


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^Wait, one more post...

If Trek never existed, in some parallel universe, I'd probably be on a Twilight Zone fan site, debating its rivalry with the Outer Limits franchise, and wonder what it'll be like if the main actor from the "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" episode had his own TV series...


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There probably wouldn't be as much sci-fi on TV or in the movies.


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Science fictioin. It would have stayed in the realm of books, and never made it into popular culture. Much later maybe and possibly much different, since Star Trek showed us humanity's good side.

and as for Star Wars probably wouldn't have been around, but who knows a lot of Star Wars comes from Dune and real early great scifi, that I don't know about.

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