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"Season One" of Star Trek: TNG!


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Season one was pretty crappy overall.  In my opinion TNG didn't really find it's footing until the 3rd season, and it was amazing from there on in.


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I like it for the most part. Is it an example of Trek at it' finest? Not by a long shot, but most of the episodes are entertaining and they were the ones that set the groundwork for what was to come, so you gotta respect that at least...


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Season one was definitely hit and miss (with more miss), but there are some real keepers in that season; The Arsenal of Freedom is def one of my faves, along with Coming of Age (loved that when I was a kid and still do), Datalore (Spiner is a genius), The Big Goodbye, Where No One Has Gone Before (I loved this, totally expanded my mind at the ripe old age of 7), and the Naked Now which is a guilty pleasure, I will admit that it is NOT a "good" episode, I just like it for some reason...

The worst?
Skin of Evil (even tho I don't love Tasha as a character, this ep SUCKED), The Last Outpost (What did that even mean??), Angel One, The Neutral Zone (just the human part, the standoff with the Romulans is good), Too Short a Season could've been a lot better and I hate Haven and The Battle... just preferences.


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Favorites from Season One...

1. "Encounter at Farpoint, Parts I & II"
2. "The Last Outpost"
3. "Where No One Has Gone Before"
4. "Lonely Among Us"
5. "The Battle"
6. "Hide and Q"
7. "Datalore"
8. "Angel One"
9. "11001001"
10. "When the Bough Breaks"
11. "Home Soil"
12. "Coming of Age"
13. "Heart of Glory"
14. "The Arsenal of Freedom"
15. "Symbiosis"
16. "Skin of Evil"
17. "We'll Always Have Paris"
18. "Conspiracy"
19. "The Neutral Zone"


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I like Season One (and 2), because they are so different from the rest of the series' run. The costume designs, the stories, the production values. Season One, especially, mined a surprising amount from the Original Series (stories, like THE NAKED NOW, writing and production staff). Even the planet sets were like the original (bad idea). And not always to its betterment. But while it leaned on the old series, it was the first NEW series. None of the cast had any say, yet. Egos had yet to explode and none could just phone in a performance. The very real concern that fans might not know what to do with TNG was ever-present and it brought out something extra, I think. It did fine.


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was the actor Armin shimmerman" in any of the first season episodes? I say "yes" but a fellow geek friend of mine says "no". who's right?


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YES!!! I loved the first season,however they really started to develope data's charater in the later seasons.

Grev Per

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Yeah Armin Shimmerman plays a ferengi in 'The Last Outpost'.

My girlfriend and I are struggling through Season 1 right now, and the majority of it is awful. Awful characters, awful writing, awfully preachy, and awful stories. Oh and a lot of speeches and expository dialogue. It's terrible and I agree with the user USSYORKTOWN on what he said.

There are a handful of good episodes, I liked The Naked Now. And there are a handful of others that are good. But toning down Wesley's appearances, toning down Troi's sensitivity, getting rid of Tasha Yar, and giving Geordi/Worf a lot more character development and screen time helped.

Otherwise I highly recommend reading Wil Wheaton's hilarious reviews while you watch.
Wil Wheaton on Tvsquad.

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