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"Season One" of Star Trek: TNG!


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Did you like the majority of the episodes in "Season One" of Star Trek: TNG?

Why or why not?


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Season one was very poor, especially when you consider how great the rest of the show is.  

A big problem was simply sub-standard writing.  I'll bet there's not a single episode the majority would agree was good, unlike other seasons when we'd have a half dozen or more that we would all agree on.

There was also a problem with being too preechy and arrogant.  The TNG crew were generally very pompus throughout the series, but the first season was over the top.  

Lastly, it seemed like it was trying to be like the origional series - But it wasn't the 60's anymore, it was the 80's.  It needed to forge its own identity, and it would in later seasons.  Really, it wouldn't be until season three that it completely left TOS' shadow, but at least the writing was better in season two.


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Thanks for your insight. :)

I personally liked "Season One" of Star Trek: TNG. I liked alot of the episodes and some of my favorites are in "Season One" too including: "Where No One Has Gone Before", "The Naked Now", "Lonely Among Us" and "The Arsenal of Freedom." Actually, I don't think there is any episode in "Season One" I disliked. :)

If there was anything I didn't like in "Season One" it was the sound effects, Deanna Troi's hairdo and I also agree about the characters- I found their personalities in "Season One" were indeed very arrogant.

In specific- I personally found Data to be more "snooty", Captain Picard way too uptight and there was too much focus on Wesley being the "Wonderkid."

Besides that though, I personally still like "Season One" of Star Trek: TNG. :)


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I don't dislike the season, but the writing was rather wince-worthy at times. Not to mention that the actors were still finding the characters, and many of the episodes were TOS remakes, so it doesn't feel right. There are a few episodes that stand head and sholders over the others in the run, however, so it's not a total loss.


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I love season 1. It is best season. I love Tasha Yar.  :D


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I agree with SLagonia that they tried to rehash some of the 60's into the show. The most glaring examples being Troi's hair/costume, the horrible aliens (lizard heads, dog heads, etc), the costumes they wore off duty, and of course the rehash of "The Naked Time" as well as other storylines that would've had more impact in the 60's than the 80's.

I think they realized that they were copying the original show and slowly but surely made it their own throughout seasons 2 and 3.


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It's ironic how much Season 1 of TNG felt like TOS given how much Roddenberry wanted to differentiate TNG from TOS. Season 1 of TNG is good evidence to me that, as much credit as Roddenberry deserves for creating Star Trek, he's not as much of a genius as some people make him out to be. ¿The hackneyed plots and not much character development showed that fresh creative blood was needed. ¿To be fair, TNG did improve in Season 2, although the biggest improvement occurred in Season 3, when Roddenberry gave up control of the show.

I think one factor was the characters were still developing. ¿Picard was kind of a jerk. ¿Riker was too much of a clone of Kirk before he got his beard; in fact, "growing a beard" has become a popular antonym of "jumping the shark." ¿Geordi was basically just the "blind guy flying the ship" before finding his role as Chief Engineer, which for some reason wasn't filled in the 1st season. ¿And, of course, Wesley Crusher went on to be one of the most hated characters in TV history. ¿I think Wesley actually became a much better character after Season 1, but in Season 1 he was basically just a Mary Sue for Roddenberry. ¿His stupid-looking grin and dorky sweater made him even more annoying.

The often preachy tone of the show didn't help. ¿One good example was "Symbiosis," especially Tasha's speech to Wesley. ¿Another problem was that Roddenberry's vision, noble as it may have been, didn't make for very good TV. ¿The uber-enlightened characters often came across as pompous and hard to relate to. ¿One good example is in "The Neutral Zone," when Beverly said: "People feared dying. ¿It terrified them."

Season 1 hasn't dated well either, ironic considering TNG as a whole has aged remarkably well. ¿The spandex uniforms with shoulder piping, Troi's frizzy hair, Tasha's "just say no speech,... ¿Even Wesley seems like a throwback to the '80s teem film craze.


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I think I'd need to re-watch those eps at least one more time, because after I finished S.7 I already don't remember many details of the earlier seasons eps...

I remember I first thought "this episode is already not so bad" when I watched Angel One.

11001001 and Coming of Age were the first TNG eps I definitely liked.

Skin of Evil is among Trek's worst of the worst on my list.


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season one, while it has its moments, is pretty bad compaired to trek standards... its still better than 99% of the other stuff on tv
the naked now is complete trash imo


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Very little in season one is really worth watching.  Unless you think Q is hilarious and are more interested in Wesley than any of the crew.  The costumes were embarrassing.  Nobody really seemed to now what they were doing.  The relationship between Riker & Troy was tedious, at best.  They put Riker in too many relationships, whereas it was Picard everyone was more interested in.  Even though Stewart played him like an overstuffed Harvard professor.  The only thing that saved TNG: season one was that it was Trek.  And people still more fond memories than first impressions.


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Lots of stinkers IMHO.  
somewhat good.... 11001001, The Big Goodbye, The Last Outpost, Where No One Has Gone Before, The Battle, Datalore, and The Neutral Zone I suppose

Deserves a mention  The Naked Now (for Brent Spiners performance Hilarious!;) Skin of Evil (for the funeral scene and ONLY for that one scene) Heart of Glory (for the scene of Worf as captain) Anytime Lwaxanna Troi says "Mr Woof"

So 7 decent eps and 4 other decent scenes out of 26

But thankfully they got much better in Season 2 and 3-7 were great


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judgement wasnt bad either


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To be fair, there's at least one thing which makes S.1 truly remarkable -- Riker looks much better than ever after.

The other remarkable thing is there's a least one character who always looks alive, unlike the others who are often too stiff or wooden. I'm talking about Wesley Crusher :)


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When this debuted I was in 5th grade. I thought they were all awesome!

Now... well, not so much. Still it's cool, because it's a beginning. Some episode still stand up well (I still love The Big Goodbye), so much.


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Recently saw Farpoint again and a couple more of first season.  You could almost count on the away team to be in a place which had scenery about as cheesy as TOS, with the fake rocks, etc.  And I think Riker was trying to be too much like Kirk.  
Of course, any series will get better with time, because the actors become more comfortable in their relationship with the character they play and then like with this series, I find that the chemistry evolves and helps the writing.  If you were to keep watching the latest episodes and go back to the first season, it is obvious the chemistry between all of them became electric. At least IMHO.   :D

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