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Quote (Admiral_BlackCat @ Sep. 16 2009, 6:19 am)
Quote (Vice_Adm_Baxter @ Sep. 11 2009, 1:53 pm)
Is the fact that it succeeded in bringing in new fans.

Regardless if one like the movie the fact that it is bringing in new fans into the world of TREK, that's something we should all be greatful for.

My second best part is that they had an amazing merchandising campaign for the people who like the new movie ?AND those that like TOS.

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Paramount agrees with you. But not for the same reasons. They see the new, expanded fanbase and mechandise as money in the bank. So the best part of STXI has dual meaning, which makes it twice as good. ¿:p
We should be greatful for the new fans, and Paramount needs to be greatful for all the fans, new and old!

And the special effects, they were some of the best!! ¿:D

Exactly! There are good this coming from this movie in multiple ways!


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I am glad for many new fans who are enthusiastic about the new Star Trek movie and also previous Star Trek. Some people feared we would need to convince and encourage new fans to watch previous Trek but I notice many are inspired to do it on their own.

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