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Lies, lies and more lies


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Don't be silly he is dead.  But I would protect the country from scum like him.


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Poor Americans. ?Its almost like you never stopped fighting the civil war. ?Your country is still divided. ?You often say your country is the greatest in the world. ?But how can something so great be so fractured? ?You preach freedom and equality, yet live in fear and utter hatred of each other. ?And the racism! ?My god, you put in a black man in the president's seat, and all bets are off. ?Well, I'm off to enjoy my country's luxurious health care system. ?In fact, I think I might just brake my arm for the hell of it. ?Fixing it is FREE.

Please continue to re-affirm the fact that you know little about the US other than what the media shows you.

If you really get free healthcare, perhaps they can pull your head out of your ass.

A crainial-rectal extraction perhaps? Hope the line you wait in is not too long.

:eyesroll: ?:sarcastic:

BTW, not agreeing with Obama or his supporters does not make a person a racist. ?We are allowed to disagree with our government. As for the fear and hatred? Not so much as you'd be led to belive, but keep watching tv Sparky.

So the media is lying about what's happening in America? ?Let me guess, you voted McCain.

A poor soul, watching TV and thinking nhe knows about the world. ?:laugh:

Since when was America the world? ?Have you even read all of this topic, or just replying the first messages you saw? ?Take a deep breath, relax, and remember, its just

No, your posts are for the most part never worth reading. You always are behind the curve, and many times disgusting in your language.

Take a breath. It's okay you don't live in the US. One day your envy and feelings of inferiority will subside.

And perhaps you will learn proper grammar and spelling?  Although we've already seen how loath you are learn.  You actually glory in YOUR ignorance don't you?  You know what prejudice is?  Its judging something without even the curiosity to check if YOU'RE correct.  Sad, really.

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