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Richard Curtis to write for DW


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Report this Sep. 08 2009, 6:10 am

Richard Curtis, the creator of Blackadder and driving force behind Comic Relief, is to write an episode of Doctor Who.

Curtis, whose film credits include Notting Hill, Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral, will write one of the episodes starring the new doctor, Matt Smith. Filming began on the new fifth series of Doctor Who, which will air next year, around six weeks ago.

The father of three said he had signed up to write an episode of the award-winning BBC1 family drama to impress his three children.

Of the plot, he would only reveal: "There will be a monster. And a famous historical figure will battle the monster."

"It's tremendously good fun and a treat for my children," Curtis told today's Sun. "These days the things you can watch together as a family are much fewer so when you get something like Doctor Who or The X Factor it is such a pleasure to sit down as a family."

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New series is starting to sound good so far.

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